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February 21, 2017

The graph below ran in the September, 1969, issue of SURFER, as part of editor Drew Kampion’s interview with Miki Dora. I always thought this neatly-drafted illustration, in Dora’s own hand, was smart and funny and cool.

Only now, in 2017, nearly 50 years after I first saw this bit of surfy-sociological handicraft, does it occur to me that it doesn’t in fact work as a graph. Both data sets—years and descriptors—are on the y axis. Nothing on the x axis. Follow the evolutionary line and you come to the “cataclysm” and “deep depression,” which, yes, is exciting. But you also end up in 1945. Damn! The Dora hustle continues from beyond the grave!


  • R W B

    So surfing peaked in 1970 5 years before I started. Oh well better late than never. RIP Dora.

  • Samuel Ortegón Pepke

    HA! Forbes had an article floating ’round the www a few weeks ago stating if you want to appear more intelligent “use graphs.” I reckon using logarithmic graph paper makes one look like an evil-genius, Wile E. Coyote status.

  • longtom

    hy-pro inflation….hahahhahahah

    Why do people take Dora so seriously?….his humour in these rants is razor sharp.